Off-Road/Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles provide enjoyment in a variety of ways, whether it’s off-roading with your dirt bikes or ATV, or driving alone a country road in your RV. Unfortunately, they account for a significant number of injuries every year. Because so many people injured in ATV or dirt bike accidents are unlicensed, uninsured or underage drivers, a wide variety of other issues can also arise. Accidents often occur because drivers and passengers do not think of them in the same way as automobiles, trucks, or even motorcycles.  Unseen obstacles, defective design, and manufacturing are leading causes of an accident. These accidents often lead to serious, life-altering injuries, and can put a significant financial burden on those who have been injured.

ATV manufacturers go to great expense to market their off-road vehicles as safe. The truth is a large number of ATV and recreational vehicle accidents occur because of defective or unsafe equipment. We understand the complex issues that are often involved in ATV and recreational vehicle accidents.

When you are a loved one have been injured in an accident involving an off-road or recreational vehicle due to the negligence of another, contact Huber, Waldron & Williams, LLP for tenacious and reliable representation.